Free writing

A kid’s birthday party seemed like an innocent place to blend in, relax for a moment.  Su Tart had just gotten over the grief of the death of his friend,

Free writing

    Today I realized my life was a lie, my dad or my fake dad had accidently told me it at dinner, I didn’t speak to him then, I could

Free writing

    Before, Su Tart didn’t want to imgrate tu Rusha, he wanted to go to Germany.  Germany was a place were there were consentracene camps for potatoes.  With all those

Free writing

    It was back in the future of the past of 1747, there lived a tiny house, in this mansion there lived TROLL.  Troll wasn’t any ordinary ogre.  One day

Free writing

Your standing in line at a coffee shop, when you spot a shiny coin on the ground, being a kid inature meant that you had to get that coin, it


Today was meliora class so I spent most of the day doing that once I was finished with class I went downstairs to play on my wii console I didn’t


Today once I finished up my school work I finished up some meliora then went outside to hang out for most of the day it was a pretty uneventful day


Today I didn’t really do much besides homework when I was done I just played with my legos for a bit it was my parent’s anniversary though so they just

May 14, 2020

Surprisingly, the desk I’m painting is almost done! It hasn’t taken that long which is good👍🏻 We have worked on our slide presentation and we are discussing (arguing😂) over which

May 12, 2020

Alas, another day inside, at least I can go on bike rides and sit on the porch but I’m missing going to Barnes and Noble and such. Today I have