June 29, 2020

Today I have my last piano lesson before I go on my summer break. Also I have to watch another lecture on children’s literature. (Not sure if I’d mentioned that

June 27, 2020 (continued)

IMG_9372      Here is the deer we saw today! Also I have been tracing face shapes to try and get better at realism art😄 here is some of the

June 27, 2020

Watched Revenge of the Sith last night, really really sad movie but Obi Wan’s “hello there” and “It’s over Anikan! I have the high ground!” Makes it better😂 Biked down

Tuesday, June 23

Went to a pond today and ate some pizza! Really pretty (the pond and the pizza) Also Nether update is happening!!

June 19 (technically 20) 2020

Today is a really important day in Black History! It’s the freedom of slaves in 1865. It’s really crazy to think about, that 1865 wasn’t a long time ago. It’s

June 15, 2020

I’m so close to my summer break in July!!! So so close omg. Today I did school, had a virtual music lesson and spent the day drawing, being outside and

June 10, 2020

Today I had school, a virtual violin lesson, and then sorta did nothing for the rest of the day😂 I beat a puzzle/horror game called Hello Neighbor, but that’s about

Tuesday June 9th

Today was the day my oldest brother was supposed to graduate college and walk down the isle but it was canceled due to corona. It’s okay though we are having