June 19 (technically 20) 2020

Today is a really important day in Black History! It’s the freedom of slaves in 1865. It’s really crazy to think about, that 1865 wasn’t a long time ago. It’s very disturbing that racism and other forms of human discrimination still happen every day,

Happy June 19th!!

I have been watching the Star Wars Prequels the past week after a long time! Just watched the 2nd one Attack of the Clones. I love how when Anikan (hope I spelled that right😂) gets angry there is the slight musical motif of Darth Vader’s theme to foreshadow his future with the dark side,

Also, Yoda was kicking butt in that movie!!

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  1. inspirepassion

    July 14, 2020 at 4:40 am

    Yes, “Juneteenth” is a really important day in US history, and we still have unresolved issues/inequalities. This coming year in Meliora we will be exploring more of this.

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