Meliora was born early in 2011 when Wendy Pavlick and Charlene Doland arrived at the madcap idea of working with a group of middle-school students to develop a project for National History Day. They had stumbled across a description of the competition online and it looked like fun. The project the three students created advanced through the Chicago Regional round, the State round, and was nominated as a National contender! (You can watch their documentary here)

Buoyed by the excitement of the student success, and thrilled by the depth of student learning, Wendy and Charlene carried forward with Meliora, teaching History using a project-based learning (PBL) methodology. Over the years, four other projects have advanced to the National competition, and many other projects have advanced to the State level. (Visit this page to see examples of projects that have competed)


Wendy has moved on to other career endeavors and Charlene has continued with the Meliora vision.

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