June 19 (technically 20) 2020

Today is a really important day in Black History! It’s the freedom of slaves in 1865. It’s really crazy to think about, that 1865 wasn’t a long time ago. It’s

June 15, 2020

I’m so close to my summer break in July!!! So so close omg. Today I did school, had a virtual music lesson and spent the day drawing, being outside and

June 10, 2020

Today I had school, a virtual violin lesson, and then sorta did nothing for the rest of the day😂 I beat a puzzle/horror game called Hello Neighbor, but that’s about

Tuesday June 9th

Today was the day my oldest brother was supposed to graduate college and walk down the isle but it was canceled due to corona. It’s okay though we are having

Free writing

A kid’s birthday party seemed like an innocent place to blend in, relax for a moment.  Su Tart had just gotten over the grief of the death of his friend,

Free writing

    Today I realized my life was a lie, my dad or my fake dad had accidently told me it at dinner, I didn’t speak to him then, I could

Free writing

    Before, Su Tart didn’t want to imgrate tu Rusha, he wanted to go to Germany.  Germany was a place were there were consentracene camps for potatoes.  With all those

Free writing

    It was back in the future of the past of 1747, there lived a tiny house, in this mansion there lived TROLL.  Troll wasn’t any ordinary ogre.  One day

Free writing

Your standing in line at a coffee shop, when you spot a shiny coin on the ground, being a kid inature meant that you had to get that coin, it


Today was meliora class so I spent most of the day doing that once I was finished with class I went downstairs to play on my wii console I didn’t

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