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June 15, 2020

I’m so close to my summer break in July!!! So so close omg.

Today I did school, had a virtual music lesson and spent the day drawing, being outside and learning to play Terraria.


Tuesday June 9th

Today was the day my oldest brother was supposed to graduate college and walk down the isle but it was canceled due to corona. It’s okay though we are having a small family party like I said in my last post😄

Today I have a piano lesson and that’s honestly about it. I might do some water color drawing or go on a bike ride later, but in the meantime I have to finish school and do that kinda stuff😊

Free writing

A kid’s birthday party seemed like an innocent place to blend in, relax for a moment.  Su Tart had just gotten over the grief of the death of his friend, TROLL.  He was at Felipe’s party and in the corner were no one could see him in his despair.  But when the balloon popped…“Me done with this party!”  but as he started to leave, the quests were pushing him back.  If there isn’t one rule about Su Tart, never get him mad.  All of the sudden the guests were pushed back with a great blast, Su Tart quickly pulled out an M4A1 and started flinging bullets everywhere.  He hadn’t killed everyone yet so he threw a Frag and blew up the hallway, then he launched an RPG and blew up half the house!  And if that wasn’t enough, he called in an A-bomb(and of course Su Tart was able to use this item) blew up the whole neighborhood!  When he left the house(or what used to be a house) there was a plane outside, “come now, we send you to China!”  “me goes!”


    The trip to China was hard, you had to have a covid-19 shot and then be scanned.  On the plane there was some cheap, plastic China tec like headphones and fans.  While Su Tart was on the plane he saw Russia, what a bueatiful place it was!  Su Tart made his decision.  “bye , bye!  Me imgrate to Rusha now!”  with that Su Tart jumped off the plane and lamped right in a cell of a Russian cell and was locked up.  “Me have to get out soon!  I need me some tomatoes!”  then a man came, unlocked the door and jumped off a cliff.  It was TROLL!  “Hello!” but when he looked down the cliff TROLL really dead and he had more greif!  Su Tart fell to his knees, “take me now lord!  Why you leave me in my anguish and dispair!  Su Tart looked and saw a private jet!  With this he could ride to China!  He was riding the jet when all the sudden the jet was knocked off course he threw a potatoe forward, it hit a invisible wall.  All the sudden the sky turned red and Felipe’s head appeared.  “You escaped my last simulater you won’t escape this one! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”  “no me dies you now!”  with that, Su Tart called in all the A-bomb’s the world had made and dropped them.  “NO NO NO!”  Felipe had been defeated, and Su Tart could imgrate to China

Free writing

    Today I realized my life was a lie, my dad or my fake dad had accidently told me it at dinner, I didn’t speak to him then, I could see myself slipping to depression.  I stayed in the corner for 15 minutes then 30 the an hour then a year then 30, my dad had already died as well as my mom. My siblings had grown up and moved and married.  I turned my head for the first time in years, when I turned around there was another family there eating dinner, I spotted something on the back of my coat, paint all over my back, I blended in perfectly with the wall, but of course things don’t go as planned when your depressed, they saw my 12” beard and screamed and ran for there lives, I guess I did look like a killer of some sort.  I walked out the house and heard a noise, I looked through my neighbors window, he was on something like a projector, but there was no projector, this must be advanced,  the screen was projecting a shooter game of some sort where you jump out of a flying blue bus and shoot people, it looked like a waste of time but the man was entertained,  I guess standing in the corner was a waste of time, but I was depressed, and I was still depressed so I went back into the house and stood in the corner.

Free writing

    Before, Su Tart didn’t want to imgrate tu Rusha, he wanted to go to Germany.  Germany was a place were there were consentracene camps for potatoes.  With all those potatoeshe could prank TROLL and fill his room.  His freind would probably comit dieXD.  This was Su Tarts dream, he wanted TROLL to comit die, so on the plane he was when all the sudden the raido was hacked, the rushin anthem was played through out the plane, a giant boulder struck the plane and I landed right at TROLLS mansion.  Su Tart new what the had to do, he walked up the steps and knocked on the door.  “Let uz im grate tu Rusha!”

Free writing

    It was back in the future of the past of 1747, there lived a tiny house, in this mansion there lived TROLL.  Troll wasn’t any ordinary ogre.  One day his best friend went to TROLL and said “i imgrate to rusha!”  TROLL insisted he go with him so the next day they were and the airport. “Me board nuw” said Su Tart.  On the plane the was a man, this wasn’t any ordinary man though, it was the handsome squidward!  He was so shiny, he and his high cheekbones.  He slowly turned his head to look at Troll but before he could speak a figure touched Su Tart and as he turned around, Haggitha the russian, and to other military officers were pushing them out the airplane door.  “Wait me friend, me american, plz stop!”  said Su Tart.  “why you do to us?  Wut we boo?  Don’t make me dies you now!”  but as always, they were thrown off the plane.  To there surprise they landed right in the snow and realised they were in Russia.  It turns out TROLL  was 354 and fell he comit die.  But it is true Su Tart did imgrate Rusha.

Free writing

Your standing in line at a coffee shop, when you spot a shiny coin on the ground, being a kid inature meant that you had to get that coin, it was kid law, so i bent down and picked it up, “why this isn’t any ordinary coin I thought,  I took it home and examined it.  At this time our family was poor, we had a steady income but we lived in an RV and ate hot dogs on WHEAT! Bread.  I walked to my room and took a measuring glass to it, the date was 1620, this was a really old coin, what was it doing in a coffee shop?  “Dad! Dad!  Guess what I found?”  I said handing him the coin, “son im busy, i’ve got no time for these silly games of yours” I ran outside, my mom called from out the window, “Jimmy where are you going?”  “to Carters!”  I ran downtown to the coin store, “bling” went to the door, “ello there son wheres your pa?”  “he’s at home, listen i have a coin dating back to 1620 and like to sell it”  “you do? Come to the back of the shop let’s look at it “”sure indeed this is an old coin, now where did you say you found this?”  “on the ground in the coffee shop”  okay that will do it, your total is $100,000,000.  He pulled out a check and handed it to me.  I ran home in breathless excitement, opened the mailbox door and put the check in it.  Then I had dinner not speaking about the coin and went to bed the next morning I awoke to hear shouting, but this was not the type of shouting my parents usually did, this was shouts of joy!  “Son! Guess what!…”  “no let me tell you, you received an unknown check for $100.000.000”  “how did you know?”  I gave him a wink off my eye, we’d be rich in no time!


Today was meliora class so I spent most of the day doing that once I was finished with class I went downstairs to play on my wii console I didn’t really do much besides that


Today once I finished up my school work I finished up some meliora then went outside to hang out for most of the day it was a pretty uneventful day so I won’t bore you